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In today’s environment, having a website is a necessity.

It is crucial for small businesses to be visible online. In today’s online environment, having a website is essential. One of the first things a potential consumer would typically glance at to get a sense of who you are and what your business is all about.

Your Website Taken Over!

What is WordPress?

This is a very popular platform choice amongst web designers because of the possibilities. Your website has been operational for some time. However, you discover on a Monday morning that your website has been hacked and is now promoting Viagra.

You are probably laughing as you read this and saying, “Yeah right,” and I know of a few companies who had this happen.

How awful! Even worse, you have no idea how to solve it. Because you don’t have a contract with a web designer, you search Google for someone who might be able to assist you.
The information they need is: When you find someone who can assist you, they will probably require the following information from you:

Where is your website located, and do you have the login details? is the spot you should be searching. You get the best of everything from another small business.

  • What WordPress admin information do you have?
  • On which theme was the website constructed?
  • Do you spend money on backups and malware protection?
  • Does your DNS have a different host?
  • Who handles domain registration for you?
  • Do you have access to cPanel?

Would you know these answers?

Do you honestly, know the answers to these questions? These questions are difficult for most small firms to answer, that is a huge problem.

Correctly Executed Outsourcing

It’s critical to maintain effective communication throughout the project when outsourcing work to an IT consultant like Apex consultant, providing best website security services. To ensure that you are the primary account owner, make sure that everything is configured including your name and email address. The administrator login information for the accounts should always be given to you.

You may frequently add a web designer to your website, giving them the access they require without having access to the administrator account, depending on where your website is being hosted.

To prevent things like your email from getting broken during the process of updating or redesigning a website because your DNS records were accidentally moved or deleted.

Yes, this happens, much more frequently than you would think!
You should also make sure the designer is familiar with making DNS edits or have them work with your IT person.

Maintaining Plugins & Themes

You must ensure that any themes or plugins on your website are kept up to date. There was a 150% rise in vulnerabilities discovered in WordPress sites between 2020 and 2021.

Like your vehicle, your website requires regular maintenance such as tire rotation and oil changes. To ensure that everything functions as it should, your website needs to have its SEO kept up to date as well as the plugins and theme.

Having an SSL certificate is essential!

Make sure your website has an SSL certificate no matter what platform it was created on. There are various sorts of SSL certificates depending on your demands, so make sure your web designer knows which certificate you will require.

How am I supposed to know what to look for?

You should seek a company that can not only create a clean and contemporary website for you but also has a thorough understanding of SEO, security for website, social media integration, email marketing, and what branding is all about.

To be recognizable across all online channels, you need a consistent online presence. Most businesses will either do some of this but not all of it, or some of it may not be covered by the membership fee. APEX consultant is the place to turn if, you are a small business owner who needs something that is both affordable and comprehensive.

Why Choose Apex consultant?


Apex consultant a leading IT consultant & Website Development Company provides best website security services for various CMS like WordPress, WooCommerce, HubSpot, Shopify, and others using industry best practices, whether static, customized, or dynamic. Apex consultant’s web development services help brands adapt to the ever-changing digital market by focusing on the needs of their clients and customers.

Apex consultant is not only a website development company but also specializes in the design and development of websites and web applications also providing hack-proof website security solutions. With a focus on ease of use and functionality, as well as security and scalability as your company expands. We create online experiences that are not only fast and functional but also digitally transformational.

Our website designers and programmers offer their clients high-quality website development services. Services offered by APEX include responsive design, as well as custom e-commerce and intranet development employing the latest and most reliable web technologies.

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